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“Christine is fantastic! She’s so thorough and dedicated, I feel very safe handing some of my business responsibilities to her. Not only does she diligently follow my instructions, but she often go above the call of duty to make spontaneous suggestions to improve my business. This is very valuable. And the most valuable thing is that she is highly reliable and professional, I fully trust her.”

Peggy Guglielmino

Project-specific packages please call me to discuss.

The Eco, Sustainable and Fully Green: If you know you will need a set amount of hours every month or that you will need attention within 48 hours these will secure my time and allow me to dedicate these hours to you and your business.  I track my time and send you a report which is included with my invoices.

Firstly, imagine having the freedom to analyse your current business performance; picture knowing where the heart of your success really lies; and finally, dream of being able to concentrate solely on driving your business forward. This could be your reality if you choose to accept my assistance.

The 3 pillars of what I offer are:

  1. Organisation and Efficiency
  2. Work-Life balance
  3. Positive Environmental impact in the home and office

What I Love doing and I am Great at:

  1. Invoice creation and credit control: do you need someone to professionalise templates, send invoices and maintain a timely escalation system for those who have not paid?
  2. Customer services: do you need someone who can write clear, succinct, effective and professional correspondence? Someone to monitor and flag emails ensuring that priorities do not get forgotten.  Someone to make your inbox and calendar really work for you?
  3. Event management: Foresight and attention to detail are key to planning successful events where every eventuality, from initiation through to completion, is considered and taken into account.
  4. System set-up: Client Relationship Management (CRM), marketing or accountancy software set-up.
  5. Writing and blog and content creation: I love creative writing and putting blog posts and content together for any occasion. Or perhaps you need someone to create, edit and format documents, presentations; conduct research and proofread.

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“I have known Christine Southam for a number of years. In all this time I have found her to be a very loyal, hard-working and personable individual who puts in, more than enough effort when needed, to be successful in whatever she has set her mind to. I am confident that she would be a valuable asset to any organization.”.

Simon Good, Simon Good Therapy