Green Working

As an environmental Virtual Assistant, it is essential that I minimise my environmental impacts, foster a healthy work environment and educate my Associates and Clients alike.

My responsibility as an advocate of sustainable living is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. I strive to normalise sustainable practices and raise environmental consciousness.

My objective is to improve my personal and business environmental performance through minimising resource consumption, reducing waste, reusing and recycling materials, and considering a commitment to sustainable practices when choosing suppliers and partners.


My preference is not to travel for work but at times when necessary then train travel is strongly preferred over other modes of longer distance transportation.

The significant increase in technologies; virtual meeting facilities and remote access to email and computer servers means that working from home is now a reality.

Energy use:

Efficient heating systems and the use of natural light and ventilation instead of air conditioning are all positive steps towards minimising energy use.

Upgrading computing, lighting and equipment to low-energy models and the simple act of turning off all equipment when not in use all contribute to reduced energy use.

Paper use:

Purchasing 100% recycled paper; re-using paper wherever possible; recycling all paper when not reusable.

The increased sophistication of electronic document creation, sharing, exchange and archiving is replacing the need for paper copies.

Just the simple act of removing ourselves from mailing lists on a regular and consistent basis thereby stops unwanted material being posted to us.

General office practice:

  • Purchase environmentally friendly office supplies, equipment.
  • Re-use office supplies such as folders and envelopes.
  • Recycle materials including toner cartridges and glass.
  • Service machines regularly to ensure operation at maximum efficiency, and minimal adverse impact.
  • Maintain Associate and Client awareness and involvement by regular debates on various environmental subjects.

My commitment to delivering on my Policy:

  • I will keep improving my environmental performance and measure my progress regularly; whilst maintaining the involvement of my Associates and Clients alike.
  • I will actively communicate my commitment to my Associates and Clients, suppliers and stakeholders.
  • I will inform and educate my Associates regarding the environmental effects of their activities and encourage the Associates to read and comment on the environmental policy.
  • I will comply with relevant environmental legislation and keep up-to-date with the developments in sustainable practices.
  • I will consider obtaining environmental standard certification and encourage other businesses to do so.

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