About Me

Hello, my name is Christine Southam and I am the founder and CEO of CS Virtual Assistant.

I value every client like my one and only, and care deeply about each business I work with, so it’s important that we get to know each other.

I am one of those people who genuinely enjoys to organise (yes we do exist), and as soon as I began my first job as a personal assistant I knew that this was my passion and was a career path I would follow.

Embedded in my business ethics are confidentiality, fairness and honesty which have been of huge importance throughout my career. It’s imperative to me that all relationships have a trusting and professional foundation to ensure they develop and flourish.

I made the decision to start my own virtual assistant business so that I could assist others in managing their business needs in a flexible and efficient way that suited both their budgets and individual working practices.

It has always been my dream and ambition to run my own business so that I could be my own boss and demonstrate to my daughter a world of greater career choice, just as my own publisher father successfully did for me.

My secret (not so secret now) ingredient is to work collaboratively with you to provide the administrative and consultative services that best support your individual business needs. I work remotely thereby replacing an office based Personal Assistant and their associated overheads environmental impact.

And a little more about me, your virtual personal assistant. My family has some of its roots in Europe (Ireland, France, and Germany) and I possess some German and French language skills, which have been invaluable to many of my clients with European interests. Learning languages is something I love to do and I enjoy involving my daughter so she gains these incredibly important skills too.

A longstanding interest of mine is nature and the environment, having spent so much time enjoying and appreciating it, I ensure that within my own business and daily life, I practice ethical and sustainable methods at every opportunity. I know how important attention to detail is to a lot of businesses and you can rest assured that working with me will complement your business’s green credentials.

My business logo is a swallow (bird) with a diamond in its beak. I have a necklace like this which was a gift of appreciation from a previous manager. Not only did she give wonderfully thoughtful gifts, she also demonstrated how much she valued and trusted me by handing over sole responsibility for major projects and included me in top management issues. The necklace represents the way I feel I do my job – flexibly, swiftly, efficiently, faithfully and as a collaborative effort with my client; with positivity, which is the sparkle in the swallow’s beak.

“I have had the benefit of utilising Christine’s virtual services, from sorting & collating data through to organising training events on my behalf. What I love about her work is the attention to detail; I always get more than I ask for or expect and that means I get great value for money. It’s not always easy to decide what tasks you want to let go of as an entrepreneur but I feel really confident with giving Christine complex pieces of planning as she always gets it done on time and to a high standard. Do I recommend her? ABSOLUTELY! But she is also my best kept secret! Thank you so much Christine for all your support.”

Yvonne Bignall, YvonneB Limited