What is a Virtual Assistant and how does a Consultant differ?
A Virtual Assistant will provide professional secretarial and administrative support whereas a Consultant provides expert advice professionally.
How does CS Virtual Assistant work?

You brief us on your requirements

You agree a timescale with us

We work virtually to complete the task

You receive regular updates

What are CS Virtual Assistant’s delivery promises?
  1. To deliver high standards of work
  2. Dealing with any dissatisfaction through our complaints process to ensure a fair result for you
  3. To ensure you remain in control of your budget we will provide estimates for the number of hours requested in addition to the original invoice, prior to continuing the work so there are no billing surprises
Who can benefit?

This is a flexible service so, many individuals and businesses can benefit. Clients include individuals seeking assistance in transcribing a book or planning a trip; start-ups, who do not have the funding or work load for an employee; or large businesses looking for new business solutions.

What are the benefits?

• There is no time-consuming admin for you to do.

• You can free up your valuable time to concentrate more on your business strategy and its growth.

• You can adapt the hours you use CS Virtual Assistant services to suit your current needs.

• You can receive help during busy periods and we can react quickly to demand.

• We provide a skilled, experienced Virtual Assistant with no overheads; there is no need to employ a permanent member of staff.

• You can forget about sickness absence, holidays, pension, TAX, NI, software licenses, insurance, HMRC money laundering registration, office space, equipment and overheads.


Am I required to purchase a minimum number of hours?

There is no minimum number of hours, making this service flexible for all.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made by cash, BACS transfer or via Pay Pal; within 14 days from receipt of invoice.

What’s the difference between a Retainer and a Package?


Retainers secure our time and are paid for in advance and can be as many or as few hours as you need, even if you only need 1 hour per month.

Retainers are the best option if you require us to turn your work around quicker for instance, within 48 hours.

• Are a set number of hours.
• Are billed prior to the work being done.
• Can be used for any tasks.
• A track of time will be provided.
• Has an expiration date (hours cannot be carried over to the following month).
• The client pays for the VA’s time.


Or we can work on an ad-hoc basis all of which totally depends on the needs of your business right now.

This is the ideal solution if you know that you need assistance on an ad-hoc basis because life or business has become unexpectedly busy.


• Delivers a specific set of items.
• Has a fixed price.
• Has a specific deadline.
• No time tracking required although we do provide that too.
• Invoiced for 50% up front and 50% on delivery.
• The client pays for VA’s expertise.



All clients are issued a working agreement that includes statements on confidentiality & privacy.

Terms and Conditions

For more detailed terms and conditions please click the link below:

Terms and Conditions