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Why you might want to keep your business and / or team working virtually?

The global pandemic may have forced you to take your business online and limit colleague and client interactions to virtual meetings. Alongside all the professional and personal challenges and losses, anticipated and real, does the thought of working from home

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6 essential programmes/ apps for Virtual Assistants

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Top ten tips for hiring a VA

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Becoming a VA

See my blog post on becoming a virtual assistant here:

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Becoming a Virtual Assistant

See my blog post on becoming a virtual assistant here: Becoming A Virtual Assistant (VA)

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How can my creativity and love of nature assist you and your business?

This post reflects on part of my journey and how I became the creative, nature loving individual that I am today. The opening scene It was in the early eighties, when I was just a small child, that we would

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Why working from home is the best place for a worker or VA to be

Working from home saves the environment The first thing that comes to my mind is the good feeling I get in knowing that I am saving energy and money by not commuting to work. Working from home saves time Another,

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Why you should hire a green VA

VAs are ‘green’ and it’s not only because they work from home but also how they operate.   Why should being green be important to you? Successful businesses don’t just sell products or services. Today, environmental conscientiousness may be what

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9 top tips for great customer service

Successful businesses don’t just sell products or services. Today, quality customer service may be what differentiates one business from its rivals. I know how important customer service is so, here are the 9 rules I follow to ensure I always

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4 main reasons why hiring me is all about improving You!

Find out whether my work ethics and approach would be compatible with yours Active listening First and foremost, I listen actively. This is about actually hearing what customers are saying. It is not just listening, it definitely requires me to ask

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“CS Virtual Assistant has great attention to detail and fast turnaround of my invoicing and chasing up late payments. Christine is very thorough, it’s an excellent service, I’m very happy.”

Scott Rowsell, Epsom

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