Why you should hire a green VA

VAs are ‘green’ and it’s not only because they work from home but also how they operate.  

Why should being green be important to you?

Successful businesses don’t just sell products or services. Today, environmental conscientiousness may be what differentiates your business from your rivals. There is an increasing competitiveness to demonstrate the qualities that your business values protecting the natural environment and holds the accolade of upmost importance.  

I am currently writing a blog on how you can increase your business success by gaining green credentials so watch out for it here.

But, don’t fret you can start immediately by hiring a socially minded, ethically aware and environmentally friendly business administration provider like me.

Our green stamp on your business is like an amazing testimonial praising you to the moon and back. Read on to hear what simple steps can be taken to gain you green business credentials.

Working from home = carbon friendly

I work from home (not exclusively but most of the time) so while I am not commuting to work by car, train, bus or even plane I reduce financial costs and I am more carbon friendly to our planet. The time I do not spend on my commute I can spend on working which then gives me the opportunity to work more hours each day and be more productive as I can focus on particular tasks for a longer period of time.

Hiring a VA = no office costs incurred

While I work from home I am paying for my own heating, office space, equipment, business and home insurance, etc. which are all costs you will be saving as my client. 

I tend to hold my meetings via Skype, telephone or Zoom and find the screen share capacity, auto transcripts and voice recordings of the meetings incredibly useful. It also saves money as I do not have to travel to meetings and there are not costs for meeting rooms, catering, equipment hires and indeed a minute-taker.

Accurate use of new technologies = save the trees!

I cannot vouch for all VAs but I am working online and embracing new apps, software and technologies which reduce the need for printing ink and paper.

Product management services for remote teams such as Asana, Teamwork or Zoho and cloud technology are very useful for sharing documents and communication and so are online co-working spaces.

There is a huge and growing choice of free technologies on the market and I make great use of them.

Let’s protect the environment, together.

Our team work nurtures the development of your business. This is one of the tag lines on my website and I truly believe that this is the case. Hiring a VA will cost you but some of the small ways that both of us can make a difference without costing a penny more is to:

  • utilise natural light where possible
  • activate the sleep mode on your monitors
  • reuse ink cartridges
  • use local and eco-friendly vendors
  • recycling every scrap of paper 

Every little helps!

If you are hiring a consciously ‘green’ VA you might decide to take a bold step and cut down on air travel in an additional effort to improve your own ‘green’ credentials and a VA can research good alternative transport for you.

It is a great advantage that you can work with an experienced VA wherever you or they are based but more importantly the VA can still gain an incredible insight into your local market and business.

Please also keep an eye out for my blog about small achievable actions you can take to make your business and office space greener.

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