How can my creativity and love of nature assist you and your business?

This post reflects on part of my journey and how I became the creative, nature loving individual that I am today.

The opening scene

It was in the early eighties, when I was just a small child, that we would spend family holidays exploring the pebble beaches of Cornwall. We would find ourselves a secluded beach, off the beaten track, and spend many happy hours there. We would seek out beautiful fossils, shells and treasure which the tide had washed ashore from shipwrecks, and sometimes we would even dare to uncover ourselves the treasures which smugglers had buried in a cave.

Every pebble we would overturn revealed a new delight, and there were so many pebbles to overturn!

The colour of language creates an atmosphere

The wind was strong and the grey clouds sweeping swiftly across the sky gradually turned our colourful world an ever-darkening hue of grey. The waves broke with a roar and increasing intensity as they gradually encroached upon the beach. My fingers were cold, wet and salty and my feet in my wellington boots were no longer dry but unperturbed we continued to play.

An adventure of discovery and inspiration

It was a romantic and overwhelming sensation to be present as nature gathered itself up for the opening curtain, to make its presence felt and show its mighty hand. I considered this time to be my most inspired and creative childhood. Whether we discovered a rock pool, a crab or a lump of salty seaweed it would become a key component in our latest adventure.

My father was imaginative and a captivating story teller so together we would explore the worlds of ‘Knut and Knuztina’, the Viking prince and princess, Tarka the Otter or a scene from Lord of the Rings.

The Grande Finale

This nature was our playground and friend: packed with colour, boundless energy and limitless delights.

These family holidays and exposure to imagination are where I believe my passion for nature and the environment grew from and why I now run my business in an environmentally friendly way.

Contact me if you have enjoyed reading this blog; if you have felt the impact that words can have upon your mood and your visual senses and please contact me if you feel that my creative writing could be a match with your business needs.

Contact me also if you have a need for a brainstorming session. I am truly excellent at these or if your business is crying out for some environmentally conscious or just any old business support. I can provide all of these in boundless forms.

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