4 main reasons why hiring me is all about improving You!

Find out whether my work ethics and approach would be compatible with yours

Active listening

First and foremost, I listen actively. This is about actually hearing what customers are saying. It is not just listening, it definitely requires me to ask questions, to rephrase what has been said, to make sure that I understand and to take accurate notes.

If I have listened actively then I will find it easier to add value to your business because I gain a complete and deep understanding of your wants, needs and priorities.

Working Together

Before I start working for you, I will take the time to make sure I know exactly who you are and what your business is about.

It is really important for me to understand your style and brand personality. I’ll also find out what you need from me and how best I can work with you to provide the service that’s right for you. If I can’t then I will say so and I may be able to recommend someone who is better suited to the role.

If I know you well it means I can accurately represent you according to your work ethics and brand.


I take confidentiality and discretion very seriously and I handle any business data with the utmost care and attention. I am GDPR compliant and always use encrypted portable devices. I will only divulge what is appropriate and necessary. I also hold business insurance.

It is absolutely essential to have robust policy documents, insurances in place and to demonstrate transparency in order to protect myself, you and your customers in the case of accidental or deliberate data breaches.

You can trust me implicitly with your business and with your customers’ data because I respect it like I respect my own data but it’s doubly reassuring for you to know I that I have everything in place that I should.


I have an excellent standard of English and excellent communication skills at all levels. I write business documentation in a precise manner with clear content and am very detail orientated. I choose appropriate vocabulary and tone of voice to ensure the writing is effective and meets the specific knowledge, standards and preferences of the reader. The quality and consistency of my work is important to me.

I recognise that accurate and professional business communication is key to a business reputation.

Muddled communication costs a lot of time to re-explain and un-muddle. I can advise and guide you through the resolution of any communication issues that you may be experiencing with your employees and with your customers.

How I can add value

If appropriate or requested I will make suggestions for development and improvement while we work together.

Below are six bonus examples of how I can add value to your business:

1.  I can save you money by doing tasks faster and more efficiently.

2.  I can help you grow your business and revenue.

3.  I can improve your business processes by implementing efficient working practices, apps and technologies.

4.  I can improve the quality of a product or service.

5.  I can rectify what is not working.

6.  I can prevent or mitigate mistakes from happening again.

If you feel that my work ethics and approach could add value to your business then get in touch today to delegate some work.

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