When you work with me, not only do you get the knowledge and benefits of my business, but also you get the reassurance that my wider team are here to support you with a wider range of skillsets and specialisms.

Meet my team!

I choose VAs, marketers, social media specialists and other skilled professionals who all share my passion for supporting businesses that are green at heart.

I am particular about whom I work with as their skills must be the right fit for both me and my clients.

People who engage my services are assured of the highest levels of quality, confidentiality and ethical values.

The team I have built is focused on serving your business needs and objectives.


Donna Davis is an experienced digital marketer specialising in social media management & content writing. Donna writes for eco-conscious businesses: websites, blogs, social media and newsletters are where she thrives. A creative at heart, with an analytical mind – she actions ideas and implements strategy.

Donna Davis, Digital Marketer specialising in content writing


Christina is an expert in e-commerce admin, set up and using order management systems, for platforms such as Etsy, Amazon etc. She can also assist in supply chain, range planning and product business strategy for brands and small businesses.

Christina MacPhail, E-commerce Project Co-ordinator



Julie has many years of experience and her close attention to detail and thoroughness are clear in her work. Julie is an excellent proof reader, researcher and audio transcriber. She is a whizz on Excel and can always be relied on to produce top quality work and provide a flexible service.

Julie Hudson, Business Administrator