I work closely with some specialist transcribers and proofreaders as well as your more traditional Virtual Assistants.

  • All are based in the UK.
  • Are tested to ensure they can communicate in English to native proficiency (No language barriers, no hassle).
  • My team have a range of professional backgrounds but, I select them specifically for a role, so they have that relevant experience.
  • All my team update their skills by attending training, workshops and industry conferences. They are support as part of our team as well as yours!
  • My Virtual Assistants are asked to contribute their own ideas tasks they carry out for you. We hope you welcome this proactive injection of fresh thinking into your processes.
  • All successful applicants to CS Virtual Assistant must have worked remotely in a previous job role. They love skipping the morning commute!

“Dear Christine, This was all super efficient !!! I’ll employ you as my Virtual Secretary any time ! Thank you very much.”

Doris, NW London Property Portfolio Owner